About Bill Rangel

I’m an artist and designer based in Los Angeles, CA. 

My artwork has opened the door to every good thing that’s happened in my life, so, when I was young, it never occurred to me to stop painting. As I got older and focused more on design work, I thought perhaps my art production might slow down, but quite the opposite has happened, I’m more prolific now than ever. More info on my artwork provided further below on this page.

As a designer, I help people with kitchen and bath remodels or makeovers for the rest of the home. For most of my projects, I design and manufacture custom furniture and cabinetry. But most importantly I’m a color specialist or a color-problem solver. Advising on color palettes and formulating custom wall paint colors is how I started my design business back in 1999, and that's still very much a part of what I do today.  

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Bill Rangel

Partial Client List

Thom Whalley (CEO - Warner Bros. Records)

Arturo Sneider (CEO - Primestor)

James Van Der Beek (Actor)

Moshe Barkat (CEO - Modern Video Film)

Moshe Diamant (Film Producer)

Paul Meshekow (Co-Owner GNW-Evergreen Insurance)

Tom Gores (CEO - Platinum Equity)

Jane Fonda (Actress)

Tom Cantella (CEO - Papa Cantella’s Inc.)

Ken Bowman (CEO - KVP International)

Leandro Tyberg (COO - Primestor)

Don Berghoff (CEO - Cogentys)

Josetta Sbeglia (Owner, Fresh Paint Art)

Rona Elliot (Music Correspondent)

Roger Brossy (Co-founder Selmer Brossy Consulting Group)

Zina Glodney (Owner, Glodney & Associates Consulting)

Fiona Kuong (CEO - Avanity Corporation)

More About Bill Rangel's Artwork

b. 1964, East Los Angeles, CA

I started showing my artwork at age fourteen in LA, but a year later my mom moved to Sacramento, and I stayed in LA because I was in school, but I missed my mom, so I moved back in with her in the middle of the school year, and while there I discovered NoCal’s art scene. In my late teens, before I permanently moved back to LA, I’d secured representation by Himovitz Solomon Gallery. Michael Himovitz was incredibly supportive of my work, he even featured a painting of mine in an early A&E interview, but ultimately things didn’t work out. Sadly, Michael died of AIDS, and I never pursued representation again.

In my early twenties, I was back in LA, immersed in a local art and club scene. Aside from what's listed below, during the 80s and 90s, I exhibited my artwork in local hotspots such as The Pikmeup Cafe, Espresso Bar, Lhasa Club, Limbo Lounge, and A Different Light Bookstore. Art shows in coffee houses, restaurants, and other establishments are typical these days, but at the time it was more about democratizing art. 

In 1989, when Highways Gallery first opened in Santa Monica, I created a floor-to-ceiling black-and-white-painted-paper installation of human figures and funeral wreaths which echoed the overwhelming sense of fear and loss from AIDS that the art community was facing. Subsequently, I created set pieces for performance artists Antony Balcena, Ruben Martinez, Danielle Brazell, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, Rachel Rosenthal, Elia Arce, and Mario Gardner. I also created sets for Highways events such as Pop Tarts, Homeboy Beautiful, and Highways' Quinceanera. 

I was a member of the activist artist's collective Powers of Desire (1985-1995), and we exhibited at USC, LACE, Cal Arts, UC Irvine, The Pasadena Armory, and El Camino College. I also created artwork for benefit events in support of ACT UP, Queer Nation, and Clean Needles Now.

By the mid-90s, while AIDS and other tragedies claimed the lives of my friends, family, and collaborators, I pretty much withdrew from the art and club scene, but I never stopped painting. I do exhibit periodically, but mostly I post my painting on my website.

In 2013 I was mentioned in Dont Rhind's Xtra Magazine article Below The Skin: AIDS Activism and the Art of Clean Needles Now.

My painting Hail Mary is a plate in The VIVA! Papers 1985-1995 by Rob Hernandez (UCLA Chicano Studies Program).

If you’d like to read an essay on my art by my friend and collaborator, Michael Dylan Griffin, please click here.

Partial  Exhibition List

2014 - Pop-Up Broadway - group show curated and produced by CARS - part of Mayor Eric Garcetti's Great Streets Initiative - Los Angeles, CA

2013 - Seven Beauties - solo show - part of the Echo Park Rising event - Los Angeles Pizza Company - Echo Park, CA

2012 - Gushers - solo show - part of the Echo Park Art Walk - Beauty Box Salon - Echo Park, CA

2010 - The Mayors Rotating Art Exhibit - group show - City Hall - Los Angeles, CA

2007 - Stucco - solo show - Eastside Studios - Los Angeles, CA

2005 - Latino New Works Festival: Que Viva La Evolution - group show curated by Leo Garcia - Highways Performance Space - Santa Monica, CA

2004 - The Leopard Spots: Between Art, Performance and Club Culture - group show curated by Alex Donis - 18th Street Arts Complex - Santa Monica, CA

1999 - Bill Rangel: Portals, Pains, and Interviews - solo show - 15 year survey - Advocate Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1997 - Wish List - solo show - Stepping Gallery - SDSU Imperial Valley Campus - Calexico, CA

1996 - Unknown Throne - solo show - Highways Gallery - Santa Monica, CA

1991 - VIVA!'s Mexico: Too Many Years of Denial, Invisibility, and Silence - group show - Beyond Baroque - Venice, CA

1990 - Spiritual Sexual Surgery - exterior mural - LACE - Los Angeles, CA

1987 - Salon des Independants - group show - Richard/Bennett Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

1987 - Paintings 1976-1986 - solo show - 10 year survey and lecture - Pierce College - Woodland Hills, CA

1986 - Electric Saint Allegories - solo show - Mezzanine Gallery - Sacramento, CA

1986 - Sacramento Area Group Gallery Exhibition - group show - Djurovich Galleries - Sacramento, CA

1986 - Artists for Disarmament - group show - Abstraction Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

1982 - California Exposition - group show - Sacramento, CA

1979 - Survival Sunday - group show - sponsored by SPARC - presented by Alliance for Survival - Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CA