The cisgendered, heteronormative, and patriarchal ruling class created body shaming to capitalize on our fears. Ancient and classical art and sculpture show idealized human body types that were aesthetically pleasing to the elites, yet not representative of the appearance of the majority of humans. Throughout the subsequent Age of Enlightenment, wealthy patrons sponsored the production of romanticized body types in artistic images, and also either misrepresented the penis or censored genitals altogether. 

Weaponizing our bodies against ourselves enables corporations to profit on products that offer solutions to “problems” they made up in our name. Decency laws and community guidelines discourage artists from publicly showing images of nudity and encourage outrage over the sight of breasts, buttocks, anuses, and genitals. 

For me, the image of the penis is a symbol of anti-authority, and I encourage everyone to make, collect, share, and show art about human sexuality inclusive of the whole lower trunk to incite positive change to social policies that impact us all.